Carousel Slider with slide transitions

June 30, 2023

carousel slider

This code snippet demonstrates the implementation of a responsive Carousel Slider with slide transitions using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The carousel allows you to display a series of images or content in a sliding manner.

The HTML structure consists of a container element with the class "carousel". Inside the container, there are multiple "carousel-item" elements, each containing an image or content to be displayed in the carousel. Initially, the first item is set as active by adding the "active" class.

CSS is used to style the carousel and define its appearance. The "carousel" class sets the container to a fixed width and hides any overflowing content. The "carousel-item" class defines the hidden display property for the items and includes a transition property to create a smooth slide effect when transitioning between items. The "carousel-btn" class styles the previous and next buttons, providing a background color, cursor, and hover effect.

JavaScript is used to control the functionality of the carousel. The "slide" function is responsible for adding and removing the "active" class to the items, allowing the active item to be displayed while hiding the others. The "startDrag," "endDrag," and "drag" functions handle the dragging behavior of the carousel. By tracking the user's mouse or touch events, these functions detect the drag direction and trigger a slide to the previous or next item accordingly.

Overall, this code provides a user-friendly and interactive carousel slider with smooth slide transitions, allowing users to navigate through the content using the provided navigation buttons or by dragging the carousel horizontally.

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